Signal Integrity Simulation

The Signal Integrity Simulation tool is a plug-in extension to the EDWin - Electromagnetic Analyzer. It is intended to aid the designer in analyzing and understanding the interactions between the various signals on the PCB being designed (cross talk). Using the information obtained from the Signal Integrity Analyzer, the designer can make appropriate decisions about the various signals (distortion) on the PCB, so as to realise an electromagnetically compatible system, with adequate signal quality, in the shortest possible time.

Product Features:
  • Analysis Capabilities
    • User defined choice of Nets and Test Points for Simulation
    • Sandwich (multilayer) analysis and full board testing (all nets)
    • Facility for simulating only time intervals of interest
    • Transmission Line based modelling
  • Simulation Features
    • Handles all IC technologies
    • Built-in, generic, technology-specific models for IC pin I/O characteristics
    • Built in templates for common signals
    • Facility for specifying piece-wise linear, complex signals
  • Post-processing
    • Results are post-processed and graphically presented using the Waveform Viewer
    • Results may be saved and re-examined at any time
    • Multiple results may be viewed simultaneously for comparing various analyses
  • User Interface
    • Plugs in seamlessly into the EDWin Electromagnetic Analyzer
    • Intuitive, Graphical User interface for specifying all parameters and simulation criteria
  • Software and Hardware requirements
    • Software:
      • EDWin Electromagnetic Analyzer
    • Hardware (Minimum):
      • Intel 80486 based PC, with numeric co-processor
      • 16 MB RAM
      • Hardware (Recommended):
      • Intel Pentium 166MHz (or above) based PC
      • 32 MB RAM
      • 4 MB Video RAM
      • 17" Monitor

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