Library Editor

Library Editor is used to add new or edit existing components to the list already supplied with the system. The libraries supplied with the system is called as SYSTEM LIBRARIES and the newly added/ edited components are named as CUSTOM or USER LIBRARIES. To avoid tampering SYSTEM LIBRARIES, users are not allowed to save to these libraries. However system libraries may be edited and saved to a different library. These libraries are stored in the hard disk and are accessible within the editors by specifying the path and adding the required libraries to the search list.Although, EDWin XP/ 2000 is shipped with a set of libraries containing over 20000 parts that is installed and is accessible for use, you may add additional libraries using this utility. Old EDWin Custom libraries may also be used by importing using Conversion Manager and passing through Field editor.
The electronic manufacturers constantly release newer and more performance enhanced components into the market. To keep pace with the trends in the electronic market, we continuously strive to keep the library up to date with the times. These libraries are updated regularly and posted. This can be downloaded to the end user’s machine using the “Library upgrade utility” provided with the package.

EDWin XP's library editor overcomes most of the difficulties faced in the earlier version of EDWin 2000. The structure of the Library remains the same though it will permit you to separately create and edit Symbols, Packages and Parts though only parts can be loaded into the Schematic or Layout. This facility helps in preserving the integrity of the project. This arrangement takes away the inconvenience of having to load a part each time a package or symbol has to be edited. A lot of improvements and modifications have been made to the Package Editor especially things associated to the editing of padstacks.

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