Library Explorer

The function of the tool Library Explorer is to provide the user with the list of libraries available with the system specified in the path. All library components in each library are displayed irrespective of the libraries added in the search sequence. This is especially useful for copying and moving components from one library to another. Apart from this, user may also place components (included in the search sequence) on the schematic/ layout. You can open the library that contains the file you want to move or copy, and then drag it to the library you want to put it in, provided they belong to the same category. Category means Parts/ Symbols/ Packages/ Padstack Libraries. Similarly, operations performed in the search list of library browser are applicable here. New libraries may be created with much ease. The basic operation that may be carried out in Windows Explorer is applicable to Library Explorer.
Library Browser is used browse library elements (Parts/ Symbols/ Packages/ Padstack) from the available libraries. Library Editor is used to add new or edit existing components to the list already supplied with EDWinXP.

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