Electromagnetic Analyzer

ED-EMA is a tool to calculate and measure the magnetic radiation of your PCB design. Thus, to help you save money on costly manufacturing steps, until you get an acceptable design and to help you comply with the EMC rules for CE certification and to maintain a proper documentation.

Find out about Crosstalks, Improper placement, Shieldings, and more, when your design is still a design.
Save your results for your documentation.

ED-EMA is a true 32-bit application that runs on all Windows platforms including Windows 3.1X (Win32s DLLs required), Windows `9x ,Windows NT,Wndows 2000 and Windows XP.

Special compliment to EMC users - Signal Integrity - is an add-on option available which is used to check the integrity of an electromagnetic signal as it passes through a trace from one pin to another pin. Thus predicting, how a signal deviates from its ideal (or intended) behavior in a real-world setting. The simulation result will be graphically presented using the Diagram Generator. 

Field Analyzer

The Field Analyzer is a tool for studying the electromagnetic fields that are created when power and/or signal traces on the board are energized.


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