Waveform Viewer

Waveform Viewer may be used to generate results in the form of diagram for Mixed Mode Simulator, EDSpice Simulator and Signal Integrity Simulation. This diagram represents the data generated by simulators to present the simulation results in a graphical format. The graphical format may be displayed on the screen, output to a printer or save it as a part to place it on your actual schematic drawing. The functionality of Diagram Generator has been enhanced to help end users to examine the output diagrams of different analysis in a better way. In the new Waveform Viewer (the enhanced version of Diagram Generator), there is no limit to the number of variables that may be loaded. At the same time it is capable of handling any number of samples and hence the simulation time has no limit.The diagrams may be saved to or loaded from a project. Several diagrams can be tiled together to view on a single screen. Tools have been made available to allow users to change the presentation style of the diagram with ease.


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