Schematic Editor

Schematic Editor is the front end for any PCB design application. The function of this editor is to create a schematic diagram of the circuit. The created circuit is in the form of a logical diagram where components are placed using the Library Browser and Library Explorer. Each of the components placed is labeled which displays information about the symbol. These components are then packed to extract the package assigned at the time of part creation.

The electrical connections between component entries are established using wires/ buses or nets. Automatic operation like packing, placing components and routing is also possible from within this editor. The properties of the objects placed may be accessed after selecting the objects using Ctrl key and a click. Once when a schematic diagram is complete, necessary notes may be added by selecting appropriate tools. This Editor also allows editing already existing databases. The design is front annotated to Layout Editor.Schematic DXF Export allows to export the EDWin XP/2000 Schematic graphics to Autocad DXF format.  Analysis is an important part of any design process. Circuit Analysis involves testing the performance of the circuit for different DC operating points and with signal applied, over a range of output levels, supply voltages and temperatures. EDWin XP/2000 provides two types of Mixed mode simulators one is EDWin XP Mixed mode simulator and other is EDSpice Simulator which adheres to the SPICE standards

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