Layout Editor

Layout Editor is used to design the PCB layout of a circuit. The design can be captured either in schematic capture or directly in layout editor. In the former case, the design is front annotated to the layout editor and in the latter case it is back annotated to schematic editor. Also allows beginning layout without a preexisting schematic.In layout the components are placed using Library Browser or Library Explorer. Each of the components placed is labeled which displays information about the package. The component pins are connected using trace or nets. Automatic operations like DRC check, renumbering of components, placing components and routing is also possible from within this editor.

The components may be autorouted using Arizona autorouter, which is an integrated module of EDWin XP/2000. SPECCTRA Translator supports different options like converting EDWin XP/2000 project (database) to SPECCTRA compatible format, importing results from SPECCTRA Autorouter and Autoplacer etc.  MaxRoute Translator allows to convert EDWin XP/2000 layout project (database) to a form that is acceptable to MaxRoute Autorouter and MaxRoute Autoplacer. Once when a design is complete, necessary notes may be added by selecting appropriate tools. This Editor also allows editing already existing Projects.
EDWin provides two board level analyzers. The Thermal Analyzer is intended to be used for analyzing and identifying potential thermal problems on a Printed Circuit Board. The Electromagnetic Analyzer is used for understanding the distribution of Electric field intensity over a routed PCB. Signal integrity analysis allows you to calculate how substantial the signal gets distorted while it passes through the selected trace.

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