Fabrication Manager

The main outputs of Fabrication manager are Gerber, NC Drill, PCB Assembly Outputs and Bare Board Test Data required for photoplotting. Gerber is the accepted standard format used as input to photoplotters  that generate the design data on films. These films are used as masters for manufacturing the PCB, the physical realization of the schematic data. The Gerber output of the layout design is converted to an Artwork file to view in EDWin.

The major tasks done with Fabrication Manager is as follows.
  • Optional creation of Copper Planes and Copper Pour Areas
  • Adding dimensions and notes
  • Printing layout documentation drawings
  • Extracting NC-drill data to disk files or paper tape
  • Editing, dimensioning and printing of drill templates
  • Editing and printing of layer artworks
  • Generation of artwork data files in Gerber ASCII format
  • Preview of artworks in Gerber ASCII files
  • Generation of disk files containing generic data for Pick & Place machines
  • Generation of disk files containing bill of materials

What's new - Fabrication Manager

  • PCB Assembly output (formerly referred as Generic Pick &Place) has been enhanced by IPC-D-355 format.

  • Bare Board Testing output both Generic and in IPC-D-356A format has been added.

  • Enhanced Gerber viewer allows to preprocess several files in one session and provides option for superimposed view of multiple artworks.

  • Gerber output generation using embedded aperture macros and special (shapes) apertures.


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